A Little About How I Work

First of all, I do not believe that anyone is “broken” or “disordered.” This is a Western Medical Model, in which an ‘expert’ (who knows more and better than you), determines what’s “wrong/broken” and then goes about “fixing” it. I believe this model does not fit or apply to human psycho-emotional make-up. I believe we are all exactly perfect just the way we are right here and right now—and therefore, I do not “diagnose” (that is, ‘determine what is broken’ as with the Western Medical Model) those who choose to work with me.

JWHolley, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist

This being said, I absolutely recognize and acknowledge that we all face challenges in our lives from time to time, for which we can use support, and that sometimes that support comes best in the form of psychotherapy. (Please don’t let the ‘psycho’ part of ‘psychotherapy’ throw you. It does not mean “crazy,” it simply means “mind”—psychotherapy is therapy for the mind or ‘psyche’).

I believe that the act of seeking and pursuing this process is a tremendous act of courage, and I believe it is unfair and unreasonable for me to ask you to go places I haven’t gone or am unwilling to go. I am not an ‘outside observer’ with you.

I get into the muck with you, feel the feelings and understand the experience from the inside. I am not an outside ‘expert,’ I am a companion and guide on the journey.

This leads me to another aspect of what informs my theoretical approach to psychotherapy. (See! the word is already less frightening or off-putting ... I hope). I work from a Holistic perspective, which means that I view every individual as a complete and integrated, ‘whole,’ from the sub-atomic level through to the outer limits of the known cosmos and beyond. More simply put, I see everyone as a complete fusion of body, mind, heart and spirit—that each of us is all of these, and are fully integrated and inseparable. So, I am open to and seeking knowledge, wisdom, information, and inspiration from all these sources. Mental images, bodily sensations, thoughts, words, emotional feelings, questions, inspiration, logic, intuition, and others, all guide me in and about my curiosity about you and the work we are doing together.

Finally, and most importantly, I love my work! I love my clients and exploring your lives with you, and I am genuinely interested in your life experiences. I am profoundly moved and honored by your desire and willingness to include me in your process, and I derive tremendous value by being able to share this experience with you in a way that you are able to navigate your life more consistently with your intentions.

I hope this helps you to have a ‘sense’ of how I might fit your needs and sensibilities for the support you are seeking.

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