Holistically Helping Individuals, Couples, Young Adults, Teens And Parents Of Teens

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I holistically help individuals, couples, young adults, parents of teens, and teens - building, strengthening, deepening and nurturing open honest supportive and loving relationships with themselves, their partners, their families, and their friends.

"I think I need help ..."

In today’s busy, go go go, independent and often chaotic world, it can be difficult to create sufficient time to give our personal lives the attention they need—to give them the priority they deserve.

Because of this, it often becomes easy to lose touch with our selves and our relationships, and to find ourselves struggling to create and maintain our connection with self and with those close to us.

We often discover that we have grown distant from those we love, or that we have forgotten our sense of purpose, direction, or priorities.

We may feel confused or stuck or even lost, and don’t know where to turn for help. We may not even recognize our need for help until some sort of crisis occurs in our personal lives.

If this sounds familiar to you, please believe me, you are not alone. Many many people just like you find themselves in this position every day.

We can all use support from time to time, and I’m here to help.

My specialties include:

Helping Individuals who are generally self-aware, but feeling stuck

Helping Intimate Relationships to be and stay close, connected and loving

Helping Young Adults through the challenging transition from dependent teen to thriving independent adult

Helping Families with Teens navigate this unique and often tumultuous time

Spiritual and/or Psychic Support: Individual support and Groups - Take the Survey 

“Jim Holley is generous and truly cares about people.”

J.R., San Francisco, CA

“He creates an enormous amount of safety when he works with someone, ensuring that they feel cared for, supported, and heard while they are challenged to tap into their own personal wisdom and find the strength in doing their own work.”

K.S., Oakland, CA

“Jim brings massive compassion and contribution to every situation,”

E.R., Oakland, CA

“Jim Holley is a compassionate - wise - gifted therapist with his pulse on the heart of what his clients need. It is an honor to endorse him.”

Rich Dutra-St. John, M.A., MFT, Founder ‘Challenge Day’

“There are only a handful of people who come to mind when asked for outstanding therapists in the area - Jim Holley is one of them.”

John Schinnerer, Ph.D., Founder ‘Guide to Self’